Halo Gameplay: Something New or Same.

It’s almost time for the next installment of the Halo franchise to be shown to the public. Whether it’s a cinematic trailer; gameplay, or both this game is thought to come in the next year or two. Obviously, this has people scared because every time a new major installment is released it changes the way people look at the franchise as a whole. However along with a new engine and a complete revamp of the art style coming our way we have to remember this game has more than that.

Halo has always stuck to the same formula but has also made small changes between games. One of the most popular games was Halo Reach, but many people also disliked it for their implementation of gadgets. Eventually it would be improved upon when

The sprint gadget in Halo Reach.

making halo 4, but many people decided to ignore that it irritated people. People either had the choice to use one of the many different gadgets; one of the included gadgets was sprinting. A lot of fans were happy that they finally added sprinting into the game, but they also had to endure the trouble of having to choose either to sprint or use another ability.

This is when halo 4 changed this fairly new mechanic. Unlike in Reach they realized that many people in the community wanted a more dedicated sprint function instead of having it linked with abilities. while doing the kindness of adding a dedicated sprint button you had to hold it down (from what I recall). There was no dedicated auto sprint feature, then came halo 5.

Many would argue that halo 5 doesn’t have the best story, and I’ll talk more about that another time, but there’s also a large following of people who love the multiplayer. Some would claim that most of the people that play Halo 5 multiplayer are younger kids who don’t appreciate the old halos, or their esports players. That’s not the case though since many people who’ve played the older halos would agree that the combat system in Halo 5 has gotten better in a lot of aspects. This would include 343’s implementation of a smoother sprint function and more dynamic movement such as climbing and boosting.

Before Reach combat was more or less the same in campaign and in multiplayer, but making things easier gameplay side for multiplayer is what’s going to keep a large following. In the case of Halo Infinite 343 can either make adjustments based on community impact, or they can completely redesign the combat system to improve multiplayer as whole to keep it running smooth and keep players interested in played the many different modes. When it comes down to release the community will be the judge, and let’s hope it gets a good score.

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