“Apex is like Borderlands”: STOP!

Apex Legends is the latest battle royale game to hit peoples screens and become the next big BR title since Fortnite. With the game growing ever more popular and EA becoming even richer I keep noticing that a lot of people keep saying it’s a lot like borderlands. Depending on what you liked about the borderlands games you might enjoy Apex. Sadly, that wasn’t the case for me.

Like Borderlands, Apex uses the same control scheme to do things like use abilities, crouch, and have no fall damage. What it doesn’t really have is the fun adventures and loot that borderlands offer. Obviously, a lot of people would say that I’m just hating on the battle royale craze, but that’s not true. I was sucked into apex thinking it was going to be a medium paced battle royale with some jokes and some awesome guns. Instead I got another a hyper speed paced game that makes you think quick on your feet, and if you don’t, you die.

As a battle royale I would say that it was well made especially since PUBG went with realism and Fortnite went with the opposite. Apex seems like a good balance between the two but the map is condensed with the idea that since it’s a three person team there would need to be less space to get into combat scenarios and maneuver around during a battle. To keep that in check, pretty much all battle royale games including Apex use a circle that depletes a player health if they’re outside the “safe zone”. At its core this is what a battle royale is, but the initial map is, or at least seems smaller than other battle royale games. Even though the devs paid a lot of attention to detail they seemed to have squished everyone together.

In relation to Borderlands, Apex shares many gameplay elements that remind people of borderlands but doesn’t have the same humor or “feel” to it that Borderlands has. Borderlands likes to be playful in everything that happens whether it’s the NPC’s being obsessed with killing or the main antagonist being a dick. It’s not like that in Apex, it’s more serious and focused. Where Borderlands always talks about being a badass Apex will just talk about being the best. Borderlands makes a bloody murder fest with screaming guns and blood everywhere exciting, and unfortunately when people tell me something is like borderlands that what I look for in the game. Even though I’m a huge fanboy of borderlands it doesn’t mean you can say “it’s like Borderlands,” and I’ll fall in love with it. Gameplay and how the general atmosphere of games definitely go hand in hand, but in the case of Apex and borderlands they’re not too similar. Instead of saying that Apex Legends is like Borderlands try saying that it plays like borderlands, but nothing else is the same.

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