My Experience: Borderlands

When I first played Borderlands around 2010, I didn’t think much of it. I couldn’t really understand the gameplay, and the setting was bleak, and I didn’t really care for it. I thought that the characters were cool, but I really just couldn’t get into it. I never even made it past the firestone area because I felt the missions were boring and the enemies/surroundings didn’t help make that better.

Then, when Borderlands 2 first was being advertised on tv my friend brought it up to me. I watched the trailers, and I was immediately hooked. I went online and looked for gameplay, and I couldn’t really find much. I was awed by the scenery changes and the many, many, many, many different combinations of guns. I was overwhelmed with everything, and I was already on board one hundred percent before the game even released. Then once it came out I was suddenly playing it with my friend every chance I could.

I played the story as many times as I could count, and I downloaded all four of the main DLC and played them all. I had as much fun as I possibly could, and I never even knew what digistruct peak was for and how OP levels work. Unfortunately, my friend was burnt out on the game, and I was too, so I went back to the original game. It was actually a lot better than I remember it. I used my skills that I honed from playing BL2 that made me better at the harsher enemies of the first game. Once I got out the firestone area, I seen that the setting was still bleak and dreary, but it was worked around in so many ways that it still felt like the different areas were different in their own way.

I had finally beaten the main game and decided to head back to Borderlands 2 instead of continuing with the DLC in the first game. I figured that I would save it for another day. I finally started hunting legendary weapons like real life hunting trophies. Still, I didn’t care if it was useful gear or not, I did it for the right to say that I did it. Finally, I had realized the power behind he op levels, and pearlescents, but I had many aspects of the game I had yet to discover.

The Pre-Sequel came out just a while after, and I was excited. It got my friend back into borderlands and I was as hype about the game as I’ve ever been. For those of you who’ve played the Pre-sequel you can relate to how I felt. I wasn’t that impressed like I was with Borderlands 2. It was still a great game, but it seemed like it wasn’t as well though out as its predecessors. Even though it added many cool new features (and guns) it also seemed a little flimsy around the edges. The only real DLC that was good was the Claptrap DLC, where it put players in the mind of the iconic character. The other was an arena type DLC that was more than plentiful in the first two games.

That’s where the game ends, and I didn’t intend to explore the game any further. The second game is what stayed in my heart, and I can’t give up the passion I have for the series. I went back to the original Borderlands and defeated the DLC’s. I might not have completed them in their intended order, but I beat them all, and was proud to have beat them. Now, as I wait for the announcement of the “third” game, I have been pushing my limits. As of writing, I’ve reached OP4, and I have an arsenal of legendary and seraph weapons to combat even the hardest raid bosses. I’ll never stop pushing till I’ve killed everything, and when the third game releases I’ll be all over that game like a hobo on a ham sandwich.

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