Halo ODST’s Gameplay and Impact

The Halo series has been a long-standing game series that every gamer knows either by name or by playing it. They’ve done many things to slightly improve the formula for a popular, addictive FPS game over the years, but none stand out to me more than Halo 3: ODST. That game had a more out of the framework type of gameplay than any of the other halo games, and a lot of the halo community still hold it in there top 3 halo games lists.

Unlike the other Halo games this one has you playing an ODST, or Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, running around the city of New Mombasa. Already it has a more open world style that the other Halo games had some of but did not incorporate fully into themselves like this game did. Once you start the game, you’re prompted to get a health pack to restore health. This is an element that a few of the other games had, but since you’re not a spartan in this game you don’t have a rechargeable shield. This was a bold move because many casual halo fans depend on the shield for defense, especially in the first game which also gives you a health readout.

Another new thing ODST incorporated was a night vision style HUD that highlighted enemies for you in the dark as well as weapons and vehicles. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a nice aspect to the game since most of it is spent in a dark rainy city. Sometimes it was even useful in the lit areas as well when trying to scope out enemies from a distance you can use the HUD to get a clearer outline of them. It’s a mechanic they remade and brought back in Halo Reach, and later they reworked it again into Halo 4. This follows the model of taking something people found useful and tweaking it until the mechanic gets a better response in the next game.

Finally, who could forget firefight. This is the beginning of firefight in the Halo series. At this point in time anyone who has played any of the recent halo games should know about it, unless you only played the master chief collection. Unfortunately, the box set of games didn’t include or even add a firefight mode yet ass of writing this. ODST’s firefight was a surprise to many people that played Halo. A lot of the community was giving it flak for copying Gears of wars horde mode, but it was still a fan favorite mode, nonetheless. It had all the interesting gameplay mechanics that ODST had to offer in a wave style fighting mode where groups of players could team up and try to get as many waves down as they could before dying. It was such a big success that it was immediately implemented into the next installment (Halo Reach), and later it returned in Halo 5 once they realized how much people missed the mode. As much as I’d say it’s one of my favorite halos I’d suggest you pick it up and try it for yourself if you haven’t already.

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