My Number One Game

Back when I was younger I played my playstation portable, whoch was nothing like a psp or gameboy. It was a condensed playstation with a built in tiny screen. I played quite a few games on it like Spyro and some old 90’s Spongebob game. The game I played all the time on it though was Threads of Fate. In this game you played as either a boy with the ability to shapeshift, or a girl who used magical hula hoops to fight. Personally I always picked the boy because of the shapeshifting.

I never did figure out the story. I remeber that at the beginning no matter what character you played you had to save this girl from getting robbed. Now that I’m older it feels more to me like rape, but we’re talking about when I was a kid, so robbery. I say no matter what character you pick because each character followed the same general path, but had variations in the story based on whose playing. Whether it was a puzzle or dialouge there was a specific difference with each of them.

After saving the girl you wind up meeting her family, and they tell you about about somthing you have to stop, or fix (I’m not really sure). As the boy there were a large number of creatures to shape shift into, but you lost them if you got rid of there “profile”. This profile was an icon that appeard when you wanted to shapeshift into a creature. My favorite one looked like a tadpole/pacman hybrid, and it just looked great.

As I got older I got farther and farther into the game, but then I got stuck in this level with mushrooms and parrot creatures. Eventually I lost the game disk, and I’ve never been able to play it since. To this day I wonder If I’m ever going to play it again, and sometimes I hope for a remaster nearly twenty years later. Of course everyone hopes for a remaster of their favorite childhood game.

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